Originally began in May 2012, a UK proxy shopping service for members of the fashion and travel community forum Superfuture – to help people acquire items from UK web stores that do not ship internationally.  A month later it was rolled out to Styleforum and made available to their community members.

Popularity and demand has grown over the years, and to date, we have happily helped thousands of individuals across the world.


Our proxy shopping service is based in Bath, located in the South West region of the UK. Over the years we have provided a successful proxy shopping service to many around the globe. Helping purchase varying types of items of all shapes and sizes, from a simple shirt to a sophisticated and fairly large coffee peculator.

Our main focus is customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on providing the best proxy shopping experience there is to offer. By ensuring all communication is personalised, prompt and informative. This means that as a customer you are treated as an individual and are always kept up to do date with the progress of your order. We understand as a customer you’ll be excited and eager to receive your desired goods as soon as possible. To prevent any delays we guarantee that once your order has been received, it will be packaged, ready to ship and then forwarded onto you in a timely manner – within 24 hours from receiving payment for the shipping. A happy you equals a happy us.

Our proxy shopping service covers all online stores (including stores who only accept telephone orders) that ship to and within the UK. We are also willing to assist you with your eBay shopping, as we know that some UK sellers restrict their shipping to the UK only.

No item is too small or too big. We are here to help so get in touch!