How much does this service cost?

There is a small commission fee of £5 (GBP) for every order made with an individual web store.

For example:

  • If an order is placed with one web store there is a £5 commission fee
  • If orders are placed with two different web stores there will be two commission fees (£5 each), giving a total of £10
  • If orders are placed with three different web stores there will be three commission fees (£5 each), giving a total of £15

and so on.

Please note when placing an order or bid on eBay,  each eBay store or seller is counted as an individual web store.

This small fee is to help us pay for transport costs to ship your order and the time to run this service.

How is the deposit calculated?

Total cost of your order + Shipping cost charged from per web store + Commission fee(s) = Deposit to be paid

How do I pay and in what currency?

Payments must be made in £GBP (Great British Pound/Sterling), the exception is where a web store only accepts payment by €Euros.

This can be made via PayPal Gift (also known as “sending money to family or friends”) or International Bank transfer.

If you are unable to Gift the payment via PayPal, please add 5% of the total amount payable to cover PayPal fees. Additionally, when paying using a non Gift method, ensure that your postal address is confirmed and correct within the PayPal transaction, as this is the only address we will ship to for security reasons.

Why should I trust you?

This service has been running since May 2012, thousands of people across the world have already used this service and there have been happy customers as a result. If you don’t believe us, feel free to check out the following two forum threads that contain many people singing our praises:

Superfuture UK Proxy Thread
Styleforum UK Proxy Thread

Is your website secure?

Yes. We have a SSL certificate implemented making our website secure. If you see a padlock icon in your browser address bar, this verifies that the website you are browsing is secure. Any information you submit via the contact form is securely encrypted and sent to us.

Which web stores do you cover?

Any UK web store and any European web store that does not offer shipping outside of the UK or Europe respectively.

Do you do in store pick-ups?

No.  Online web store only.

What about shipping and customs?

All packages are sent in durable plastic parcel bags issued by Royal Mail.  All packages are triple bagged to protect the items and to keep the weight down. If you request for your order to be packaged in a cardboard box or a padded jiffy bag then a small fee will be incurred to cover the cost of this type of packaging.

The method of postage is Royal Mail International Tracked and Signed For, which is the UK’s equivalent of EMS (Express Mail Service). Packages sent this method on average take up to 5 working days to most destinations. It is trackable and a signature will be required upon delivery.  For more details please check the Royal Mail website. Packages are sent this method to ensure safe delivery to yourself.

Alternative shipping methods can be made via UPS, Fedex or DHL for heavy and bulky items.

We are happy to mark the value down on custom declaration forms and remove price labels/tags to help you avoid custom fees and duties.  However, there are two things to note:

  1. If we are declaring a lower value, please be aware that you will not be fully insured for the package and it is at your own risk. Despite this, we have not encountered any problems using the Royal Mail International Tracked and Signed For or any of the other courier services.
  2. Ultimately, while we will try our best to help you avoid custom’s fees and duties, there will always be a small element of risk that you will be charged custom fees and duties due to your own country’s strictness and policies on import laws. Therefore we cannot guarantee you will avoid custom fees and duties all the time.

For us to verify and check that the format and layout of the address is correct is time consuming, especially when we are not a native of your country. So please ensure when you are filling out your shipping address it is in the correct format/layout and it has been validated on your local Postal service website and/or Google Maps. Doing so will guarantee safe delivery of your parcel and prevent delays.

Any restrictions as to what can be proxied?

Yes. Due to international shipping restrictions laid out by the UK Government, no liquids can be sent overseas from the UK, that means no perfumes, no creams etc.

There is also a size and weight restriction for packages sent abroad with Royal Mail. According to Royal Mail’s guidelines the maximum dimensions and weight are as follows:

Maximum length, width or height less than 60cm (23.6inches)
Length + width + height: less than 90cm (35.4inches)
Maximum weight for an individual item is 2kg (4.4lbs)

If a package weighs more than 2kg (4.4lbs), it can be split into two or more, meaning there will be a shipping cost for each respective parcel.

Alternatively, if you are requesting an item or items (combined) that are of a larger size and/or heavier than 2kg (4.4lbs), these will be sent via a courier, such as UPS, DHL or FedEx.

How much will shipping cost for <insert item(s) here> to me?

An approximate cost of shipping can be quoted before placing an order if you provide the following details: what you intend to order and your shipping address. Just to emphasis, the approximate cost of shipping is just that, an approximate. The exact cost of shipping will only be quoted once your order has arrived and can be weighed.

What happens if an item I have ordered is out of stock?

If the item you have ordered is out of stock you will be immediately informed and your deposit will be refunded in full including the commission fee(s). When ordering multiple items and one item is out of stock, we will follow your instructions as stated when you filled out the order form.

What size am I? Will there be a restock of an item that has sold out?

Size measurements or guides are often provided by the retailers themselves and are published on their online web store. Please do not ask us to measure garments as we are unable to visit the physical stores.  If you have any sizing and/or stock queries please contact the web store directly.

Is there a returns policy?

No. There are no returns at all. Therefore, it is very important that the item(s) you are requesting meet your personal requirements. It is highly recommended that you contact the respective web store for measurements, sizing advice or any other queries you may have prior to contacting us to place an order.

Additionally, once an order has been placed and confirmed with a web store, we cannot cancel it nor can we return the order for a refund.

GDPR and Privacy policy

Under GDPR we will only process your personal data to enable us to provide you a forwarding service. Your personal data will not be passed to any third party for processing and are stored securely on Google servers for up to a year.  After this period, your personal data is purged. Should you wish to enquire about your personal data we hold, or request a removal, please contact us.

Cookie and ePrivacy policy

The only cookies we use on this site are Google Analytics, and is strictly used to monitor site traffic only. Follow this link if you wish to opt-out of Google Analytics across the web.

I have sent an email via the contact form and you haven’t replied?

All queries are responded to within 24 hours. However, please be aware of varying time zones.

I still have a question…

You are welcome to email any further questions* you may have via our contact us page.


*No sizing queries or measurement requests please.