As well as the feedback from members on SuperfutureStyleforum and followers on our Facebook page, here are some of our other happy customers and what they have to say:

Richard noticed that the supplier had sent the wrong item, proving his worth as a proxy. He was very helpful and responsive. Will definitely be using this service again.

Paul from South Africa (02/09/18)

Thank you I received the item, shipping was quick and the service was awesome. Again, thank you

Jocelyn from the USA (25/04/18)

I just received the package. Thank you so much for your help!! :)

Stephanie from the USA (14/04/18)

Package received, thanks for the help!

Brent from the USA (21/04/17)

Hey man, I got the package earlier and everything arrived safely. Thank you very much for making this possible, I sincerely appreciate it.

Will definitely recommend your proxy services to others who need something from the UK. I may resurface if I find something on UK eBay again.

Aaron from the USA (19/04/17)

I have safely and successfully received the parcel yesterday. Everything was well protected and with such a speedy shipping. Thank you so much for your assistance and I would like to be served by you again in the future.

Terry from Canada (09/08/16)

I just wanted to let you know that I picked up the coat at the post office and that your service is really as perfect as everyone is saying. I couldn’t be more pleased with how everything went, so thank you very much!

I’ll definitely come back to you if I, or anyone I know, need anything else from the U.K..

Jessy from Canada (09/12/15)

I received everything in good order!  Alls well that ends well.

Thank you again so much for your help with this.  If I ever need anything like this again, you’re my man!

James from the USA (27/10/15)

Sorry for the late response! I did get the items a week or two back and they are so wonderful! I cannot thank you enough for helping me receive them!

If I ever need help like this again in the future, I’ll definitely hit you up!

Abby from the USA (04/10/15)

I was able to pick it up earlier today. Everything was in perfect order. Thank you.

Hmwe from Canada (02/09/15)

I wanted to let you know that the cardigan arrived safely. Thanks for a simple and quick transaction!

Gerry from Australia (04/08/15)

My coat arrived safe and sound.  Thanks so much!

Jocelyn from Canada (12/06/15)

The package has arrived well packaged, and safe and sound.  Thank you so much for offering this service, and I hope to work with you in the future.

Tam from the USA (28/05/15)

The package arrived last Friday, thank you very much for your services.

Nicolas from France (26/05/15)

I got the package! Thank you very much. Everything fits perfectly.

Rashidi from the USA (08/05/15)

Just wanted to let you know that the package arrived safely on Friday. Thank you again, you are doing a great job! I will definitely recommend your service to others, and use it myself in the future.

Linh from Canada (04/05/15)

Got everything. Great service, thanks a lot!

Joey from The Netherlands (22/04/15)

I have received my jacket. Thank you so much for your professional service and amazingly fast replies.

It was great doing business with you!

Charles from the USA (17/04/15)

Thank you so so much – I just received the bag yesterday.

It’s amazing and fast !!!

Very professionally packed as well.

Cuong from the USA (01/04/15)

Just got the boots. Everything was perfect! Your excellent service is very much appreciated! :)

Noel from South Korea (24/03/15)

I received the shoes today. Thanks so much for the quick shipping and kind help!

Don from Canada (13/03/15)

Package was received safe and sound last week.

Thank you again for excellent service.

Bjorn from Norway (23/02/15)

Just wanted to let you know that the jacket arrived safely and everything is great. Thanks!

Sam from the USA (14/02/15)

Received the package yesterday, and just want to say thanks for your amazing service.

Wylie from the USA (11/02/15)

Received the jacket. Thanks for your help!

Melvin from the USA (30/01/15)

Just received the shoes and they’re great – thank you so much for this amazing service!!

Vik from the USA (10/01/15)

Received and perfect!

Thank you for your wonderful service and great communications!

Richard from the USA (09/01/15)

It came yesterday, Thank you so, so much. Happy Holidays.

Kirk from the USA (19/12/14)

Package arrived safely and exactly what I wanted. Thanks and have a nice holiday. Will be using your excellent service again I suspect.

Mark from from Switzerland (12/12/14)

Just wanna let me know that I have received the package and its in great condition!! Many thanks!

I am very satisfied and will definitely go back to you should there be anything else i am looking for in UK sites.

Tania from Indonesia (26/11/14)

The package has just arrived,  safe and sound!

Many thanks.

Narendra from Indonesia (17/11/14)

I received the package yesterday,  absolutely splendid service.

The shoes fit perfectly as well, great start to the weekend.

Ole from Norway (08/11/14)

The package arrived the other day.  Thanks again for all your help.  I’ll definitely use your service again.

Chris from Canada (30/10/14)

Just received the package. Everything is in order. Thank you very much.

Deepak from Canada (24/10/14)

Just got the coat today, thanks again!

Justin from the USA (21/10/14)

I just wanted to let you know I’ve received my package, and everything was in perfect order! Thanks again! Im sure I’ll be back!

Tor from Norway (07/10/14)

I just picked up the package at the post office and it was no hassle at all. Thanks so much for your service, you saved me a bit of money on customs fees as well!

Egill from Iceland (09/09/14)

The package arrived the other day. Thanks a lot!

Vegard from Norway (08/09/14)

My package has now arrived. Thanks again for the great service and fast shipping!

Tobias from Norway (08/09/14)

Found the package at my doorstep when I came home last night. That was much quicker than I expected!

Thanks again for the help with this!

Jonas from the USA (12/08/14)

The package came today and everything was as discussed.

I have been very satisfied with your service and I will definitely be using your service again.

Marv from Canada (31/07/14)

Got the Lacoste package today, perfect timing cause I’m flying out later today, thanks again!

James from the Republic of Ireland (25/07/14)

Thanks so much for your prompt and great help! Until next time.

Don from Canada (25/07/14)

Got the shoes, everything is perfect, many thanks!

Leo from France (20/07/14)

I just received the parcel today. As expected, everything was good. Thanks again!

Chris from Canada (19/07/14)

I chose this proxy not (just) because of how cheap it was, but because of the great reviews, I just received my parcel and I couldn’t be happier. Great communication and superfast shipping.

Diego from Spain (14/07/14)

I’ve received all of my pants! Thank you very much for your service.

Looking forward to doing business with you again.

Alan from Canada (12/07/14)

I received all items this past weekend.  Thanks again for the assist.

Mark from Japan (30/06/14)

I have received the parcel, thank you again. Can’t believe you are charging just £5 for this service!

Julien from the UAE (21/05/14)

The package arrived successfully! Thanks again for all your help!

Doug from the USA (16/04/14)

I’m writing you this message to let you know that I have received the package and it’s perfect. Thank you for being so responsive and quick with messages, and for providing a great service. I will definitely purchase through your proxy service again very soon.

Michael from Canada (23/03/14)

Just wanted to let you know the shirts arrived.

Thank you so much for such a great experience. I hope to work with you again in the future.

If you need anything from Los Angeles, please let me know.

Rob from the USA (01/03/14)

The dress is home and it fits perfectly! Now I only need a suitable party… ;-)

Maria from Sweden (27/02/14)

It arrived today! Thank you so much. You were a pleasure and I appreciate your service and excellent communication.

Thanks again & best to you!

Sue from the USA (25/02/14)

Just received my order ( package arrived in local post office on 18/02 ). No damage to the product. Satisfied with quality.

Thank you for helping.

Ivan from Russia (22/02/14)

I received the package this morning. Thanks for all your help, everything fits like a glove. No doubt I’ll be making more purchases in future.

Andrew from Australia (18/02/14)

Just letting you know I’ve received the parcels and everything is in order, as per usual. Thanks again and have a great weekend!

Juha from Finland (14/02/14)

Just a quick e-mail to let you know that my parcel arrived at the post office today.

Thanks for your excellent service, look forward to dealing with you again in the future.

Jacob from Australia (14/02/14)

Got the shirt today. Thanks. You provide a great service.

Phil from Canada (12/02/14)

I received the package today and everything is impeccable. Thanks for such great service!

Jorge from the USA (11/02/14)

Each and all of the packages has arrived. Every package has been tagged/stamped “custom free”. Thank you for the service, it was a pleasure.

Martin from Norway (05/02/14)

I received my order today and everything is perfect. I greatly appreciate it!

Cameron from Canada (03/02/14)

Thank you for everything! Have a happy new year!

William from Sweden (28/12/13)

All received in good order last week. Can’t thank you enough.

Have a great break over Christmas!

Thom from Australia (15/12/13)

Hey! Just got the package. Shoes fit great! Thank you very much for all the help and for the chocolates too. I doubt there is anything here in the US you would want, but if there is, I would definitely like to return the favor. Thank you again and take care!

Anton from the USA (26/07/13)